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What our clients are saying... from around the country!

Our truly awesome team of Customer Service Representatives hear from clients every day (actually, almost every minute!) What follows is a small sampling of the emails they've received - and with only the barest of grammatical editing:

Terrific Service

Thanks so much for letting us try on the shirts for our base picnic. I really appreciate your great customer service, quality of material, prices and all the rest - and for your time and patience!
•  NAS Meridian, Mississippi
It was super to get through to you right away... no computerized telephone tree to go through! I like how accessible you've been for customer service, and especially the fantastic variety you guys carry. Wow.
•  Richmond, Virginia
You've really given our order some attention - THANKS. We're all very appreciative of your efforts and there's definitely "some Bull" in your immediate future (from the Mobile Energy Team)!
•  New York City, New York
Thank you so much for your detailed infomation. I am going to forward your emails to our school administration to let them know the quotes, and especially to let them know how I feel about your great service. I'm kind of busy today and may not be able to find a time to call you, but you definitely answered all my questions!
•  Chelsea, Massachusetts
Thank you for the wonderful customer service.... it rates an A+.
•  Kalkaska, Michigan
Sorry I have not had a chance to get back with you as soon as possible. Thank you for all your help and follow up. It's special people like you (a CSR star!) who get the job done. Thank you for being special.
•  San Antonio, Texas
Thanks so much for all your help on the embroidery order. You provided us with some great pricing options for handling our relatively small logo apparel order....terrific
•  Appleton, Wisconsin
I wanted to send a note of appreciation for how quickly and correctly my order was placed and received. The person (a man - I can't remember his name!) was so helpful and courteous, and so I just wanted to let you know that you've done great work!
•  Athens, Georgia

Fast Turnaround

I just got them! I LOVE the warmup suits - they're definitely my favorite item and I know everybody will love them. In sorting through the order I did find two possible mixups in size, but I'll double-check to be sure. Anyway, overall I'm very pleased with the order.... THANKS so much for all your assistance and quick turnaround.
•  Indianapolis, Indiana
The shirts arrived and have been distributed and everyone loves them. Thanks for the help and quick turnaround. This has been the easiest purchase we have made. You (a team CSR) are a star!
•  Columbus, Indiana
Wow, that was fast. It (the screen print proof) looks perfect. Thanks so much!
•  Phoenix, Arizona
The uniforms really look great...thanks for all your hard work in getting them processed so quickly. Oh...and I need to order 4 more of the embroidered shirts in 3XL. Thanks.
•  Kansas City, Kansas
That was fast! I didn't know if the logo issue was going to hold them (the shirts) up. I'm very excited to see them. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
•  Woodland, California

Quality Product

I LOVE the shirts. They are wonderful. Is it too late to add another large? Just let me know. Thanks so much. You have been great to work with and I appreciate all the hard work.
•  Navarre, Florida
The logo looks Awesome!! Can't wait to receive the shirts. Take care, and thanks for everything!
•  Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Thanks....I was gone all last week but they arrived Friday and I like them....they'll definitely be a hit!
•  Richland, Washington
Thanks....we did receive the jackets and they're awesome! Thank you sooooo much. Might be ordering some windbreakers from you. Any relatively inexpensive ones you'd suggest?
•  Denver, Colorado
All of the shirts arrived in time....they were a huge hit. We sold them all quickly, and folks are wanting more. As soon as we get squared away from the conference, I will be getting to you another order. Thanks.
•  Seattle, Washington
Terrific job on those new jerseys! They arrived and look fantastic. My team is hosting a family get together and I'll be passing them out at the event. The season begins in about 3 weeks and I'm excited about our chances to take the championship....RUN WITH IT! We play hard, have fun, and will definitely look great. Bravo to Corporate Apparel Unlimited!
•  Ford Myers, Florida
I received the order - the sweatshirts are beautiful! Your service is great too, by the way. I have only a small complaint....I didn't receive one of the sweatshirts I ordered - all of them arrived except the Gold, XL size.
•  Augusta, Maine